Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meriline Avenue " It1néraire "

Meriline Avenue is the music alchemy of Aniline and John Merick.

They met during the gold age of myspace and directly started to notice their similar feelings for electronic music. Even though they never really thought about working on music together, they decided to give it a try during the autumn 2010; after listening to the amazing Split EP by Acidburp and Kalavnik - Super Card and SACHI.

Their enthusiasm motivated them to work every night, and very soon tracks, demos and ideas saw birth like pixels on a picture.

Teaser-Meriline by Meriline Avenue

"This eagerly anticipated lp showcases the heavenly fusion of Swishcotheque stable mates John Merick and Aniline.

Packed full of lush melodies and precise beat programming 'it1neraire' proves an accomplished and highly rewarding listen. With soft and hard influences throughout, this journey evokes blissful retro memories of early Warp/IDM/Plaid, but maintains an idiosyncratic and modern feel. A truly stunning album of varying flavour and emotion; 'it1neraire' never disappoints and often surprises in the most delightful ways." ( by Swishcotheque)

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